Finishing studying left me unsure what I was going to do next. Almost straight away I found myself as an ABA therapist (without having any idea what ABA was initially). Applied Behaviour Analysis is the best kept secret, and the idea of this blog is to hopefully spread awareness of autism/ABA, promote the effectiveness of ABA, share experiences, and give some handy tips! The blog is intended for parents, caregivers, ABA professionals, and pretty much anyone who works with children with additional needs.

My name is James Adcock and I am a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). I live in Essex, and work mainly in the south east of England. I work with a range of learners with behavioural, learning, and/or developmental delays. I work in schools/nurseries and the home setting providing tailored programmes for learners to teach them the valuable life skills they need. 

This is a blog with some views, experiences, science, and tips! All of what I say is based on my experience, research, or the training I have had.