23 Free iPad apps for kids

Here’s a list of cool free apps – all of which I have on my iPad. There’s a mix of math, phonics, visual, fun and more! If anybody has any others to bring to the table, please comment on the post!

  1. Funbrain Jr
  2. Endless Reader
  3. ABC Pocket Phonics lite
  4. My First Alphabet Phonics: Learn
  5. First Word Samplers
  6. Initial code
  7. Very Hungry Caterpillar – Play and Explore
  8. Justins World – Animal Sounds
  9. Disney Storytime
  10. Fireworks Arcade
  11. Sort it out 2
  12. Peppa Pig Paintbox
  13. Sensory Magma
  14. Sensory Electra
  15. Sensory Speak up
  16. Sensory iMeba
  17. Animal Puzzle Free – Drag and Drop
  18. An educational shape matching game for kids and toddlers
  19. Touch Follow Free
  20. Fluidity
  21. Burger
  22. Memory game with animals, Dinosaurs and Dogs
  23. Splash Math

You can download them all in the app store (sorry if they’re not on Android devices!), everyone loves something for free!

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